Tim Talks Episode 1

Losing almost every core part of his career and relationship, Tim was determined to get up and do better. Starting anew in 2022 from debts and bankruptcy, being center-focused and heart-driven is what makes Tim motivated to do the work. 

In this episode, Tim talks about his past experiences in life. He reflects on the main driving forces behind where he is today, from his initial goal to retire from the military to his work now in internet marketing. 

Learning from his life’s adventures, he intends to share with the world through this podcast how he is going to rebuild his life and bring more meaning to it. 

“Whether it’s your fault, whether it’s not, all we can do is move forward.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

    • Tim’s time in the Air Force
    • Working in an insurance company 
    • His online business, Castleman Consulting
    • Tim’s relationship history and struggles
    • Losing his staff, business associates and wives
    • The fall of his dropshipping business
    • What happens when you lose everything
    • How he decided to start fresh in 2022
    • Moving forward from the imperfect life you have now
    • What you can expect from the podcast

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