Tim Talks Episode 10

People have different definitions of success. Whatever it is, you do what you feel is necessary.

For Tim, it’s the opportunity to save money and at the same time, do things that contribute to his happiness. Loving the growth in his life and business, he also values the time he gets in between for things that makes him happy.

Today’s episode is done while he is living life on the road, doing things that may or may not contribute to his success in the future. Listen as Tim talks about saving up for the rainy day, setting up goals for success and enjoying the one life that we got. 

“This is what I see as success. I love my business. I love my life. But I also love enjoying  being able to stop and take long breaks.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The adventures of being in a new place for the first time
  • Having the “safety” mindset with money
  • Fear of the ocean
  • Trying out things in an experimental trip
  • Balancing work and life
  • What is the definition of success for you
  • Having goals to help figure out your success
  • Saving up for the rainy days
  • Doing things that contribute to your happiness
  • Setting expectations
  • Doing what feels necessary
  • Tim living through the comments, likes and subscribes of the listeners

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