Tim Talks Episode 13


Life is always going to change, and you need to keep going.

It may be a “sad boy” season for Tim, but he’s here to give you some cheats and hacks to get out of that emotionally draining part. Join Tim today as he shares everything about the sad boy season and how he’s overcoming the fear of trying new things out during this time. 

“Life is a constant flux. It’s always going to change. We’ll see what happens.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Living a shut-in lifestyle 
  • Grady Spencer’s new album
  • How restaurant reservations feel like Stockholm Syndrome
  • The learning experience Tim had with product photography
  • How Tim grew a lot as a person
  • Having different views is okay
  • What do you feel during sad boy season
  • Life is always going to change
  • Be one to your inner child
  • Forgiving yourself
  • A great book recommendation to help you along the way

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