Tim Talks Episode 2

In today’s episode, Tim discusses his worst experiences and what they taught him. With things not going his way due to circumstances beyond his control, he reflects on the importance of making the right choices. 

From being someone who was once so self-negative, he decided to make a shift to alter the course of his life. Tim, who holds a Ph.D. in life, gives out the life lessons he learned that gave him the will to live and the help he needs to get where he wants to be.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, let Tim inspire you today as he gives a little perspective on relationships, business, therapy, and gratitude.

“Even if you feel like your entire life has been terrible, you have the power to change.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Tim’s planning rituals for his life and business include doing themed days instead of hyper-planning
  • How therapy sessions and medications help
  • Dan Sullivan’s coaching program
  • Tim’s perfect relationship with his therapist
  • Doing things to make you feel alive
  • Operating procedures when your child is struggling
  • The circumstances in Tim’s life that he has no control over
  • Having the right circle of friends is critical
  • Dealing with life when things are not going well
  • How to help people suffering from mental issues

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