Tim Talks Episode 21

There is something about having honest conversations with people and not worrying about what they’re going to think of you. Events are a good place for that. Events are always a great place to meet like-minded people.

Still in London, Tim talks about his experience with the Internet Marketing Summit’s first day. He shares how he managed to pace himself while setting goals and attending the event. 

He also talked about one special lunch meeting that gave him an excellent reminder of what to chase in life. 

“Life and events are what you make of it. And if you just step out a little bit in your comfort zone, I think you’d be really shocked and surprised at the results that you would see from that.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How events are an amazing way to establish and grow connections
  • Setting realistic goals at business events
  • Not getting upset when you’re not able to talk to everyone
  • The biggest socializing opportunity at events 
  • Tim’s meeting and his biggest takeaway
  • Don’t be afraid to sit down and talk to people
  • A lunch meeting that gave Tim many realizations about life
  • Asking people for help when you’re struggling
  • Going after what you actually want to do
  • Is money really evil?
  • Chasing fulfillment
  • Why the “grass is greener” on events
  • Pursuing trends
  • Looking back at how far you’ve grown

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