Tim Talks Episode 22

When speakers at events have a notorious history of being late, it rubs Tim the wrong way. 

Welcome to today’s episode of Tim Talks! Tim starts the podcast with an anecdote about a nice restaurant with an unruly worker… which we have all probably experienced. He shares insight about different social media platforms for marketers and how one event he went to brought a lot of inconveniences.

He also talks about how meeting people gave him a new perspective on life that changed his way of thinking about others. 

“And the flip side of that is years of self-deprecation and beating myself up over and over and over. Now, I’m trying to appreciate who I am as a person, as me, and who I really am. And accept that and be okay with it.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Experiencing disaster in the restaurant
  • Some thoughts on new platforms as an advertiser and marketer
  • How Google Analytics is a great tool
  • People showing up late for their events
  • Meeting new people at events
  • External validations and feeling like an impostor 
  • Passing judgment on others to feel better about yourself
  • Acknowledging problems
  • Owning mistakes and issues you made in the past
  • Apologizing for the people you’ve done wrong 

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