Tim Talks Episode 26

Trauma encountered as a child can have long-lasting impacts that linger far into adulthood. Tim is no different. On top of other issues, he is still working on some childhood trauma. 

Today, Tim talks about the realizations he had about childhood issues and how to identify trigger points. He also shares how his musician friends are treated and other riveting insights on life.

“When your parents get divorced and you’re a small child, I shouldn’t be used as a pawn between the two parents. That’s new information I’m going to have to process.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The terrible things musicians experience
  • Treating people like an animal
  • Getting the right treatment while working
  • Comedy is trauma
  • Interesting things Tim learned doing product photography
  • Tim’s childhood issues with divorced parents
  • Dealing with triggers on the plane
  • Choosing option 2 over option 1 
  • A new take on the snowball analogy

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