Tim Talks Episode 27

10 years after Sandy Hook Elementary, we still learned nothing. 

Today is a sad day for the country. A recent school shooting that killed students was just announced. Not all will agree, but for Tim, more guns won’t protect the children. He is outraged. Those students could be out there playing, laughing with their friends, going to the movies, and sleeping until noon. Now they’re gone. 

Listen today as Tim talks about what’s wrong with the country that is dealing with these terrible incidents happening over and over again. 

“Does this need to happen? 14 kids need to be killed every single day? For what? A week? A month? A year? What is the breaking point? What is the point where America goes enough?” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The terrible aftermath of massacres
  • Why are we not addressing the issue
  • Going to school should not be a crime
  • School should be a protected place
  • The legal incompetent system
  • Joe Biden’s presidency
  • How do these incidents not change the country
  • Politicizing tragedies
  • How being banned on Facebook made Tim learn things
  • A challenge for you

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