Tim Talks Episode 3

How do you keep the happy parts of life as an adult?

Today, Tim talks about the enjoyable things in life. An adult full of composition notebooks, yellow pads and thoughts going in different directions, Tim manages to calm himself by focusing on things that are simply interesting and enjoyable. 

He made it a priority to construct his business around the personality and lifestyle that he has: avoiding things that stress him out, doing creative Mondays and doing what works best for him. 

He talks about his love for photography and how it brought back a new meaning to his life after some dark moments in his life. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, watching a show or finding a hobby, exploring the things that will make you happy can have a huge impact on your life. 

“Anything you start at, you suck at. But you get better over time.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The happiness that comes from doing your passion
  • Helping others with free services
  • How to make simple activities more enjoyable
  • Having an outlet for life’s struggles
  • Why comparing yourself to others is miserable
  • Memories of life and the physical representations
  • Doing what makes you happy
  • Creative Mondays
  • Following what works best for you
  • Finding fun ways to keep yourself motivated

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