Tim Talks Episode 34

It’s Tim’s birthday today!

After almost immediately getting strep throat after his trip from Oregon to meet his father, Tim is back on the podcast today, celebrating his 43rd birthday. 

He talks about how his trip went and how he got the answers he needed out of it. He shares insights on why you should make an effort to reconnect with family and the reality of having no regrets. 

“Live with no regrets. That’s a fantasy. I think we all go home, wherever home may be for you at the end, with a list of things we do differently.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Tim’s travel to Oregon to meet his father after more than 20 years
  • Taking care of a dog on a trip
  • Some complications with the “shaggin’ wagon”
  • Is Pepsi too prevalent in public places
  • Are vans a cooler place to live
  • Cheap prices of marijuana in Oregon
  • Meeting Tim’s biological father
  • A story about a job repairing planes
  • Interests due to nature and nurture
  • Avoiding deep conversations
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • A monumental moment for Tim
  • Realizations about regrets
  • The generation that understands therapy and mental health
  • A family’s care and flaws
  • Enjoying youth and independence

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