Tim Talks Episode 35

Going from Oregon to Las Vegas, Tim discusses his journey in today’s episode. He expresses thoughts on how pricey gas was and his regret for not taking a certain highway. 

Listen today as Tim shares his fun Sin City adventure playing poker, spending money on an expensive meal, his nice hotel room experience, and his continuing adventure to Ellis Island for Thanksgiving.

“I’m glad to be home for the foreseeable future and to get some things going in the right direction.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • A look back at his recent visit to his biological father
  • The surprising 15-hour trip from Oregon To Vegas
  • Resting before gambling
  • Table games when you want to play cards
  • Large breakfast on a birthday
  • The “Texas Gunslinger”
  • A birthday boy wanting to play a game of poker
  • The changes in the Las Vegas poker scene
  • Thanksgiving on Ellis Island
  • Free entrance to Grand Canyon

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