Tim Talks Episode 36 – A new year’s podcast from a secret location!

Relationships are about helping each other out. But when Tim sees dysfunctional couples who love each other despite their issues, it still amazes him. 

The first episode of 2023 and in today’s episode, Tim talks about relationships. Family, romantic and platonic relationships. He also reunites with co-host Sue, whom he gives a piece of helpful advice on her minor setback in life.

“Because what I’m trying to understand even in that relationship is, you know, in all relationships, there’s got to be some give on the other side.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Tim’s and co-host Sue’s catch up
  • Major life developments and changes
  • Tim’s relationship with his father after reconnecting with him
  • Having an emotional connection with the older generations
  • Missing family members for Christmas
  • Emotional support during the holiday season
  • A joke about the Olympics
  • Wild end to 2022
  • Breaking up with someone to work on yourself
  • Some regret how relationships ended
  • An embarrassing breakup
  • Lack of analytical thinking

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