Tim Talks Episode 37 – Plans For The Future

Tim believes in picking a thing, whether it be a podcast or video, and doing it to get content out there. He has plans to rebrand and rebuild his podcast and wants to pay attention to finding the easiest way to deliver content to his audience.

Building a platform to share the podcast’s message that reaches millions of people– that’s the start of the plans for the 2023 podcast.

Listen today as Tim talks about his visions for the podcast, his plans for building an audience, and some potential projects coming your way.

“You have to find what’s going to give long-term stability and happiness for you. It’s like, what’s going to make it excite you and keep you going, that’s kind of what I would tell you to do. So find whatever that is for you.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What’s the goal for the podcast in 2023
  • YouTube for building an audience
  • Having a repeatable process that leads to an efficient workflow
  • Hosting events are hard
  • An exciting membership program
  • Promoting products and building a list
  • Figuring out what the audience wants
  • Finding what excites you
  • Tim’s next project
  • Some plans for a trip and a visit 

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