Tim Talks Episode 39 – What To Expect During A Ketamine Treatment

Today’s episode is all about treatments for depression. 

Accepting his low energy and lack of motivation as his new reality, Tim was advised by this therapist to take ketamine for depression. An overall positive experience, he discusses how the treatment helped him get through his issues quicker.

He shares personal details on what’s it like and talks about his life experiences, including his wife and his staff leaving him, regretting breaking up with a girl, and a court case against him for $300,000.

Listen today as Tim encourages those who are struggling to make an investment in themselves for their own betterment.

“Overall, what would I think the treatment is like, I never felt unsafe, I never felt like I was out of control. I felt like I was having a deeply emotional experience but I knew exactly what was going on. I knew I had someone to help me at all times.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Trying different things in therapy
  • Fear of being like your parents
  • A small request for the audience
  • Some people are melancholy their entire life
  • Progress in therapy
  • Feeling slow in recovery compared with others
  • Ketamine as a last resort
  • Ketamine in IV treatment versus lozenge treatment
  • The overall experience of taking Ketamine
  • Guilt and sadness over the death of a dog
  • Crying hysterically in a therapy session
  • A hallucination experience
  • Investing in yourself for the betterment

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