Tim Talks Episode 40 – Dealing with relationships, both past and present

Welcome to the relationship segment of Tim Talks! 

Relationships have both good and bad memories. Dealing with past and present relationships, Tim dwells on details that contributed to the regrets and happiness that came along with it. Making some mistakes in the past, he believes that future relationships will be different because he has acquired new communication skills. 

Listen today as Tim shares some interesting observations on his personal relationship experience and what you can learn from them.

“I think all relationships require work at all times.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The relationship segment of today’s podcast
  • Struggles with showing emotions and vulnerability in relationships
  • Commitments such as marriage
  • Communicating more in person rather than through texts
  • Express love in the way your partner prefers
  • Being direct instead of just dropping hints
  • Dating someone who is into cosmetic procedures
  • Reflecting on past relationships and memories
  • Feeling conflicted about wanting to reconnect with a past partner
  • The first marriage with a bad match and poor communication
  • The possibility of living a life with no regrets
  • Setting a positive example for your children
  • Unlearning violent behavior and thoughts

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