Tim Talks Episode 41 – Seeing the Sights in Cuba

Still soaking in the fabulous weather of Cuba, Tim and Sue share some superb moments on their second day. 

They talk about their delightful day walking around in beautiful places, eating good food, and having awesome adventures.

Listen today as Tim shares some of the challenges he learned about the people living in Cuba and the admirable resiliency behind them. 

“It’s been a great trip so far and hopefully it will continue to be and we’ll continue sharing them with you guys and episodes of the podcast.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • A stressful first day
  • Using offline maps
  • The highlight of the day for Tim
  • Delicious food in Cuba
  • Cheap and cold beer
  • The difficulties of importing goods to Cuba
  • The life of a farmer in Cuba
  • The resilient people of Cuba
  • Enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean
  • Ernest Hemingway’s hangout bar
  • The unique streets in Cuba

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