Tim Talks Episode 42 – A Peak Behind the Business And What’s Next

Tim is still out on the streets of Cuba exploring hotels, restaurants, and American-sized portions of food. And in today’s episode, he talks about what it’s like in the local area of Cuba and some back-to-business updates.

Listen today as Tim acknowledges the challenges that come with it and his plans to work through them and improve.

“I’m in a unique position where I am rebuilding this business from pretty much the ground up, and I am rebuilding myself.”

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Finding Airbnb without the app
  • A bad experience with the tour guide
  • American sized portions
  • Tim’s great time exploring Cuba
  • Successful launch of the Underground Marketers Association
  • Skilled and efficient professionals to work with
  • Delegating tasks to independent contractors
  • Reinvesting profits to the business
  • Slowing down and focusing on improvement
  • Taking time off work to focus on personal issues
  • Networking and learning from experts in internet marketing
  • The effect of economic downturns
  • Using affiliates for business

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