Tim Talks Episode 46 – Travel Tips & What To See In Cuba

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Cuba or just looking for some helpful advice, Tim’s got you covered. 

From the do’s and don’ts to essentials, Tim’s is generously sharing worthy travel advice for today’s episode. Tune in as he talks about packing tips, what to avoid during a tour and an everyday item that can get you out of 99% of situations in heavy tourist areas. 

“They know you’re a tourist and you don’t mean any harm. And as long as you maintain that status, they’ll be more than happy to treat you with at least some kindness and decency, and respect.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Warned off at the Capitol Building
  • Two-hour ride in a hot pink car
  • A visit to Ernest Hemingway’s estate
  • The story of the badass Hemingway
  • Staying out of the tourist areas
  • Is a hot rod ride tour worth it
  • A $2 delicious cigar experience
  • Visiting a place with rum drinks and drama
  • Living conditions in Cuba
  • What’s up with the wifi
  • Why you should wear sneakers on a trip

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