Tim Talks Episode 47 – The Death of a Friendship

Some people have a hard time apologizing or communicating even when they’re wrong. For some, it ends with bad relationships.

On today’s episode, Tim shares a few new things that have not been mentioned before, including a good friendship that recently ended and the reasons behind it.

If you’re experiencing difficulties, and contemplating whether to let go of a friendship that has been a huge part of your life, today’s episode is for you. 

Listen today as Tim recounts the importance of communication and how to handle issues better within friendships.

“I also think the older you get, you realize friendships aren’t forever. Some friendships just have an end date, and they just do.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • An exciting experience at a new restaurant
  • Introducing a former friend
  • Alcohol and relationship issues
  • Repairing connection with a family member
  • A mysterious Facebook contact
  • Ending a friendship due to a lack of respect
  • Disagreements in a Facebook comment
  • A text message from a friend
  • The fine line between friendships
  • Communicating with a difficult friend

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