Tim Talks Episode 49

Tim has some strong feelings regarding America’s crises. In today’s episode, he dives into his opinions on gun control and comparisons to other countries after a piece of shocking news.

He shares the roles of politicians as well as the importance of providing mental health support and identifying potential warning signs of violence. 

Listen today as Tim encourages people to keep fighting and using their fear and anger for good.

“I like this country to actually give a fight about mental health and the people that need help can get it for free.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Waking up to shocking news
  • Some opinions about guns
  • Red flag laws and mental health care
  • America’s handling of crises
  • Adapting to life
  • Meaningful gun reform
  • Politicians and their duties for meaningful change
  • Summer of Secrets
  • Reminiscing about a past relationship 
  • Tim’s plans for improving the podcast

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