Tim Talks Episode 50

AI is taking over the world of marketing, and Tim is here to share all the fascinating content he learned from Day 1 of the AI Summit! But that’s not all! Tim also shares some exciting stories about his Las Vegas travel experience, including a fun trip to the cannabis store.

As he’s attended multiple events, Tim has developed a keen eye for the information presented, making his takeaways particularly valuable. Tune in today to expand your knowledge and gain new perspectives from Tim’s experience. 

“I think the more events you go to, the more observation and critical that you become of them.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What to expect at an AI Summit
  • An effortless travel experience
  • Should you see Las Vegas during the day?
  • Tornado warnings and plane delays
  • Disappointing birthday experience at a restaurant
  • Day 1 at the AI event
  • Perry Belcher’s AI-generated “woman writer”
  • Marketing and the use of AI
  • A gardening site made with AI
  • The goal of free content using AI

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