Tim Talks Episode 54 – Fancy Hotels, Cohiba Cigars & An Adventure In Cuba

In this exciting episode, Tim takes you on a virtual journey through Cuba. Get ready to dive into the captivating details of his travel experience, sharing notable differences from his previous visit and even providing valuable tips on what to avoid during your own adventure there. 

Learn some funny stories about indulging in VIP services, an encounter with a fascinating stranger, a hilarious resume in Texas, and an exploration of the world of cigars. Join Tim today as he shares his unforgettable second trip to Cuba in 2023. 

“We made it back successfully from Cuba. We had quite the adventure, which I can’t wait to get into.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Tim’s recent Cuba adventure
  • Cuba’s challenges with fuel shortages and blackouts
  • $1000 worth of supplies for donation
  • Traveling with people at the same speed and preference as you
  • VIP service in Havana
  • Ivan the Terrible’s friend
  • Eagerness for food and cigar
  • Meliá Cohiba and Hotel Nacional De Cuba
  • A random stranger with taxi services and cigars
  • A not-so-good neighborhood in Cuba
  • Cigar factory with tight security

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