Tim Talks Episode 6

If you’re like Tim, managing expectations in life is a big deal. 

Finally learning how to grow and have healthy relationships at the age of 42, Tim had his fair share of disappointments in life. He values connection with people more than anything, and today he shares why managing expectations with them and not getting disappointed in the process is important. 

Tim fills you in on his past experiences in business and relationships and how they helped him understand situations better.

“That’s a perfect example of managing your expectations, from a person’s point of view.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Helping friends that need assistance
  • The problem with money and friends
  • Managing expectations with people
  • Disappointments encountered in life
  • The healthy way of managing expectations
  • Making connections with people
  • Meeting new people and turning them into best friends
  • Giving without any expectation in return
  • The process of meeting other’s people needs and vice versa
  • Drawing the line on people’s terrible actions

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