Tim Talks Episode 14

When are you going to start taking yourself seriously?

Although he is still in his sad boy season, Tim’s working hard to make depression a long-distant memory. He has specific goals to get his financial life squared away, get bankruptcy done and over, and accelerate his digital business. 

Today, Tim shares what he’s learned through therapy and how you can also take yourself seriously. 

“It’s no fun being depressed all the time.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why therapy is highly recommended by Tim
  • Why you may not even be aware of the reasons that you’re upset
  • Therapy and the way it injects you with the truth
  • Medications and why it’s important for Tim
  • How you start paying attention when things turn upside down
  • How did Tim respond to a difficult dating situation
  • Taking breaks from friends
  • Moving on from depression
  • Tim’s advice on how to change what you’re looking at when setting goals
  • What depression does to personal relationships

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