Tim Talks Episode 4

Oversharing is not uncommon on social media. 

Tim enjoys discussing controversial things and doesn’t care what other people think. He refuses to be mediocre and won’t keep his troubles and struggles offline.

With three books, a podcast and a business already under his belt, Tim is just proving to be more and more successful despite the struggles. He is simply unmoved by the negative comments about him on the internet. 

Learning from his past experiences, Tim is sharing his life on the internet to help others understand that they too can become the person they want to be, despite having shortcomings. 

“I’m not going to change. So much of my adult life has been trying to compensate for who I am as a person and I’m over it.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • His crazy night in Vegas 
  • Being a single man on Tinder
  • Social media and oversharing
  • The double standards on the internet
  • Why pleasing everybody is the worst thing
  • Staying where you’re most comfortable
  • Success despite struggles
  • Why you shouldn’t change for anybody 
  • The things people do to keep up and be relevant
  • Finding the right girl for Tim

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