Tim Talks Episode 53 – Silent Investors, Learning to Speak Spanish and Helping Cuban Charities

Tim is absolutely pumped for today’s episode! In a mere 8 hours, he’s off to Havana, Cuba once again, and this time, it’s all about doing some real good.

He talks about their upcoming trip along with some challenges of fundraising and promoting charitable causes. He also reads a subscriber email and responds with insightful thoughts on unlocking the secrets to financial growth.

Join Tim today as he delves into the captivating details of his upcoming trip and valuable insights on money and investments.

“Why are we going half-ass on Will Smith just in terms of the punishment?” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • A trip to Havana Cuba
  • Checking luggage and VIP check-in process
  • Learning to raise money for charity
  • Making money online without social media
  • Some personal experiences with Internet marketing products
  • Jason Fladlien’s success
  • Importance of passive income
  • Tim’s approach to his business
  • Importance of ambition and making choices
  • Addressing internal issues to avoid negative outcomes

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