Tim Talks Episode 18

Still coming in from London, Tim looks back at a past relationship that left a great impact on him.

Dealing with people you’re clearly not just meant to be with is difficult. Letting go is hard but when it comes to relationships but healing yourself is important. Despite the fact that Tim made mistakes, he always makes sure to learn from them.

Listen today, as Tim shares details of a relationship he will never forget. 

“I might have fucked up my relationship with my ex but I learned those lessons. I took those as weapons. And that is never gonna happen again.” – Tim Castleman

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The struggle to understand today’s texting culture
  • Seeking arrangements for dating
  • The role in relationships if reversed
  • Seeing red flags
  • Learning from your mistakes and not doing it again
  • What do you say to somebody who tells you they care for you
  • Healing yourself first before entering a relationship
  • Letting someone come into your life
  • Letting someone go
  • Dating people who need to be rescued
  • Being terrible at casual relationships
  • Dealing with rejection

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